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Lake Atitlan and Maya Blogs

Lake Atitlan, and the Guatemalan towns of San Pedro la Laguna, San Marcos, Panajachel and Santa Cruz are the vacation secret of the tropics. Lake Atitlan vacations offer hotels and restaurants for all budgets.

Travel tips on Lake Atitlan Guatemala.Home of the living Maya, Lake Atitlan combines cultural tourism with eco-tourism in a laid-back holiday setting Lake Atitlan is not only Central America's most affordable travel destination, it is also becoming a favorite option for overseas retirement.

Fun Things to Do

Vacation activities at the lago include hiking nature trails and volcanoes, kayaking, guided tours and cruises around the lake, massages, meditation, fishing, Spanish language schools, art lessons and galleries, and Mayan astrology readings based on the Mayan tzolkin calendar.

San Pedro la Laguna restaurants like Cafe la Puerta are another reason to vacation or retire in Guatemala.Hidden by a ring of mountains and volcanoes in the picturesque highlands of Guatemala, the lake has a variety of hotels, hostels and other lodging options, a wide assortment of restaurants and other dining opportunities, and enough bars and clubs to make this lake the nightlife capital of Guatemala.

San Pedro, Santiago, San Marcos, Santa Cruz

Climbing Indian Nose is a popular hiking tour at Lake Atitlan. San Pedro la Laguna, Santiago, San Marcos, Panajachel, Santa Cruz and other Mayan villages and towns ring this fifty-square mile lake the way planets circle the sun. Some villages and tourism areas can be reached only by boat or on foot, and have the feel of a tropical island.

After dark, the lively nightlife scene in San Pedro and Panajachel features everything from disco and rock to trance and techno. Travel to the lake is by way of Antigua, which also has an array of restaurants, hotels and nightlife. Other people arrive here from Xela, known as Quetzaltenango, by shuttle or chicken bus.

Spanish Language Schools, Massages

Spanish schools around the lake are among the least expensive on the planet. Most offer budget rooms and meals as well.

Just plain relaxing is also popular. Choose from a Maya-style massage, thermals springs that spill into the lake, saunas, yoga and meditation. A vacation at Lake Atitlan is often more than just getting away from it all. It can also be about forgetting it all for awhile.

Planning your Lake Atitlan Vacation

This site provides a detailed look at the key villages around the lake, where Maya garbed in traditional huipiles share cobblestone streets and shaded trails with visitors from around the world.

You will also discover travel tips and information on lodging, from budget hostels to boutique hotel rooms and luxury resort villas in San Pedro la Laguna, Santiago and other towns. And the best restaurants for dining out. Many restaurants at the lake serve international cuisine in addition to Central American meals, and prices are among the lowest in the country.

Hotel Rooms at Lake Atitlan

This site has travel tips on hotels, transportation, shuttles, buses and boats around Guatemala, a country rich with cultural and history in the form of Tikal's Maya pyramids and the colonial ruins of Antigua, as well as tropical scenery such as cloud forests and rain forests, rivers and black sand beaches. A new section provides guides to day trips around the lake, Antigua and Monterrico on the Pacific coast.

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