Time Banking in San Marcos la Laguna

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A new bank has opened in San Marcos. It is full of valuable resources and a currency that will never deplete in value because the currency being used is time. The concept is simple and is being used in communities all over the world. An hour for an hour: everyone's time is of equal value.

In a place full of talented people, time banking is an incredible opportunity to start giving, receiving, sharing, connecting and building a greater sense of community. When you join the San Marcos La Laguna Time Bank/Banco de Tiempo, you can begin exchanging your time for that of others. And you get ten free hours to begin with to encourage you to get exchanging.

How a Time Bank Works

On the Website you can add your requests and offers so other people can see what services you would like and what gifts you have to share. This allows you to explore your own talents and what you would like to offer others. These services are not limited to what you do for a job, they can be anything you want and love to do.

This is a pure exchange of time, not money. If I do an hour worth of work for you, I then receive an hour of anyone else’s time that is part of the Time Bank. It is not a direct exchange between two people. This way you can choose what you would like in return for your time. After the exchange takes place, you fill in the time exchange hourson the site, and the hours are transferred appropriately.

Again, both people must be members before hours can be recorded! Then on your account you will see how many hours you have available. If you use all your hours, you have to earn more through serving others. There is no other way to earn hours.

San Marcos, the lake area and Guatemala are full of great people who have much to offer the world. So if you would like to start exchanging, join today! If you are part of the larger community, you can still participate through online offers and services. Your hours never expire so you can take full advantage of all your time hours when you come back to visit! Also you can interchange with other time bank communities around the world! So be part of the shift, bringing people, communities and the world together through exchange!

Website: Time Bank in San Marcos