Antigua's newest bar, The Ocelot features jazz and blues, seafood and other food, and superb gourmet burgers from the Lava Bar just upstairs..

Antigua Bars: The Ocelot

bars antigua guatemala,bar ocelot antigua,nightlife antigua guatemalaNamed for the small but powerful spotted cat called tigrillo in Guatemala, The Ocelot immediately became one of Antigua’s most popular spots to dine and drink.

On a recent Friday evening, the place was buzzing with a crowd of locals, travelers and ex-pats enjoying animated conversation and a solid mix of upbeat jazz.

The spacious but cozy bar where actor Morgan Freeman was seen Morgan Freeman at Ocelot Bar in Antigua Guatemala 2014hanging out in December 2013 is decorated with posters of Miles Davis, Billie Holliday and other legends from the world of jazz and blues, which spill from the overhead Bose speaker system. Chess and backgammon layouts on the tables provide more entertainment.

An Ocelot o’ Booze in Antigua Guatemala

International and local beers and a full line of top-drawer liquors line the shiny new bar at The Ocelot. The latest addition is 6.9% India Pale Ale. Outside, several tables afford a relaxing view of the fountain and the people walking past.

Finger Food to Seafood, and Gourmet Burgers

Dining or snacking at The Ocelot is surprisingly affordable for Antigua. The menu features finger food and gourmet hamburgers from the upstairs Lava Bar. (The owner recently opened another bar around the corner, La Morena, which is worth checking out between drinks at Ocelot or Lava.)

A laid-back oasis by day, a lively lounge at night, The Ocelot is open seven days a week. Happy Hours at Ocelot are 5-8 PM, featuring Q12 drinks. In spring of 2014, they were serving two for one Mojitos on Monday.

In December 2013, Jesse and Joe started playing and singing at 8:30 on Wednesdays.

Up on the Rooftop Terrace: Lava Bar

The charming rooftop terrace offers a panoramic view of Antigua that features the Arch, the cross on the hill and Volcan Agua. It is especially intriguing around sunset. It is the site of the Lava Bar, with the town's top Happy Hour from 6-7 PM (Q6 rum and cokes and other drinks).


Location: 4th Avenue. When facing the cathedral at Parque
Central, go left a half-block and it's on the right side.