The Circus Bar in La Antigua

Circus Bar in Antigua has fine food, super drinks and an up-scale, different atmosphere.Circus Bar opened in La Antigua in 2012, and the ambiance, food and music are just as good as the original Circus Bar that's been in Panajachel since 1983.

Send in the Clowns

The ambiance is unique: European circus posters, exotic masks and pictures and poster of clowns and other circus performers line the walls of the second floor setting. You can also dine on the terrace overlooking the fountain in the courtyard.

Pasta and Pizza, Steaks and Seafood

Well-known for its brick oven pizzas, Circus Bar also serves Italian cuisine, shrimp and fish, and a vast variety of international cuisine is available.

Where: Circus Bar is on 4th Street. Facing the cathedral in Parque Central, walk up the street on the left and look for the clown sign in the above photo.

When: Noon until midnight, seven days a week.