Dining in Antigua, Guatemala, restaurants: reviews of the best restaurants of Antigua, from budget to gourmet

Dining in Antigua's Best Restaurants

Dining out, Antigua-style, covers the gamut of cuisine. You can find hamburgers for $1, Italian pasta and pizza for under $3, premium steaks, fish and other seafood, Mexican and Asian meals for $5 to $20. For the gourmet, international cuisine in Antigua is world class. The variety of food in Antigua restaurants is unmatched anywhere outside Guatemala City.

Antigua: Restaurants Around Town

antigua restaurant diningMany upscale dining spots are found along 5th Avenue, the "avenue of the Arch." More are located farther south, around and on the streets surrounding Central Park. The walk over the the East Side, home to several world class restaurants, is also dotted with places to dine.

For budget meals, you can find little Guatemalan restaurants all over town. The area around 7th Avenue and 2nd Street on the west side has a variety of places for cheap dining, serving everything from ceviche and pasta to $1 hamburgers.

Sunday brunches are offered in restaurants all around town, usually all you can eat. Some places offer free drinks with your meal and other great dining deals.

Over on the east side, there are many excellent places for breakfast, lunch and dinner on 1st Avenue and the adjacent blocks. This area is the place to go for Yucatecan-style Mexican, Japanese sushi and grilled Argentine steaks.