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San Marcos news and local events, information about things to do in San Marcos, movies, Spanish-language schools, more news from San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala—find it all here in this excerpt from Sol de Atitlan Magazine.

March 2016

The annual Festival of Consciousness takes place March 17-21, with workshops, music and entertainment. For info, see Festival of Consciousness 2016.

November 2015

3: A Time Bank just opened, which enables people to exchange time by the hour for their service. See Time Bank San Marcos.

February 2015

5: The Festival of Consciosness will take place again in March. Details will follow. Cafe Merkaba has closed permanently. The Holistic Cottage has a new location: blue building on the left side of the street up from the dock.

January 2015

29: The main dock is being replaced. A temporary dock is to the left of original dock. It goes up the hill to the main part of town.

December 2014

4: Cafe Merkaba, a gourmet restaurant, now has Dinner and Movie Night at 7 PM daily.

November 2014

For Thanksgiving dinner, drop by El Dragon Hotelfrom 5-9 PM. Q50, across from the football field.

October 2014

8: This town was dead in September, but at least that means discounts at San Marcos restaurants such as Restaurante Fe, which has a 20% discount on all meals. There's now a covered seating area at the dock, which is in the best condition in years.

August 2014

20: If hiking into an isolated area such as Indian Nose, don't take valuable items that could be stolen by local thieves, who are armed and dangerous. And back up the photos on your camera before heading out.

April 2014

24: The annual fiesta is going on right now and will continue through the weekend.

March 2014

15: Get ready for the third annual Festival of Consciousness the last week of this month.

January 2014

18: Mylou is the new sushi place in town. Open at 5 PM from Wednesday-Sunday, it's on the terrace at at Restaurante Fe.

13: A sushi restaurant will soon open upstairs at Restaurante Fe in San Marcos.

December, 2013

22: The second annual Cosmic Convergence Festival takes place in San Marcos la Laguna from December 28-January 1. Music, ceremonies, a talk on traditional Mayan medicine, permaculture and all sorts of workshops are planned. And of course, a huge New Year's Eve party. It's a non-profit that benefits the indigenous people of Lake Atitlan. For more, see Cosmic Convergence

6: The new restaurant at Hostel del Lago is having a grand opening tomorrow.

November, 2013

The Cosmic Convergence Festival is a four-day event featuring tribal and technological culture from the past and future. Live music on two stages, Maya ceremonies and medicine, crafts and permaculture are just a few of the things to do. All profits go to support the Maya at Lake Atitlan.It goes from December 29 through January 1. See their site: Cosmic Convergence 2013.

November, 2012

The main trail up from the dock is almost finished, with just a few spots where you have to watch your step (and avoid entirely if you've been drinking the local rum).

September, 2012

10: The main trail up from the dock is still closed, so you must walk left and up the hill. Holistic Cottage is the new massage and therapy place, run by Kathy from the now-defunct Holistic Center.

December 18, 2012

18: For Christmas and End of World Party info, see 2012 Christmas and End of World Parties at the lake.

October, 2012

San Marcos dock raised three feet in October 2012.11: The dock is being elevated almost three feet due to rising waters at the lake.

There's a new hostel in town, the Hostel San Marcos. Up from the dock, take the first left.

November 2012

7: In San Marcos la Laguna, people were shook up by the big earthquake today. Major damage was at a different San Marcos, though. For more, see Lake Atitlan News

September, 2012

9: Not much news this month.

news san marcos la laguna atitlanAugust, 2012

10: The HUB travel info agency moved its office to the main trail up from the dock.

July, 2012

July 27: A tourist drowned off San Marcos two days ago after his kayak overturned. The 21-year-old American male was not wearing a life jacket.

Cooperativa 2012 now works with Mayan cooperatives such as weavers and artisan, selling the work of over 40 co-ops and individual artisans. It still has Guatemala's biggest variety of crystals, jewelry and smoking accessories.

May-June 2009: The Festival of Consciousness, held March 22-22, saw people from around the lake and the country turn out for workshops on natural medicine, conservation and other topics, plus music and a good time for all. Look for more details next month.

March 2009: The Festival of Consciousness will host a variety of activities and workshops designed to encourage new, more conscious ways of acting, thinking and being, March 21-22.

Entry is free, with a small fee for workshops in yoga, meditation, solar energy and related Entry is free, with a small fee for workshops in yoga, meditation, solar energy and related topics.

Where to Shop

2012 carries hand made silver jewelry with semiprecious stones and crystals, as well as Indian tapestries, new and use clothing, and pipes and papers.


No banks or ATMs here. San Pedro is the closest, with an ATM near Panajachel dock and another at BanRural in el centro.


Some hotels now have wi-fi and even Skype, but it can be slow.

Drug Stores

The clinic is near the basketball court in el centro. Go to San Pedro or Panajachel for prescriptions.