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No Zika in Guatemala


For Spanish, click No Hay Zika en Guatemala.

As of late March, there have been no reported cases of zika in Guatemala. A young girl was diagnosed with zika after returning to the USA from Zacapa in February, but no local cases have been confirmed.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) says the safest places are high-altitude locations like Lake Atitlan, Xela, Antigua and the capital, as there are fewer mosquitoes in the cool climate. Be extra careful on the coasts and Peten.

Stop the Mosquitoes!

To help prevent mosquitoes from reproducing, empty cans and other objects that have filled with rainwater around your home. Tell your neighbors to do the same. The best bug spray is 20% DEET. Or go organic and use a spray like Herbal Armor, with citronella and other natural oils, sold at the Salud de la Vida health food store in San Pedro.

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