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Restaurante Fe in San Marcos and San Juan

While San Juan are not well known for their restaurants, both towns also offer some excellent dining options. One of the brightest stars is Restaurant Fé, which has been a popular gathering place for over six years now in San Marcos and recently opened in San Juan.

Restaurants Fé serves an eclectic mix of international cuisine and the portions are huge. Whether you’re craving a decadent pizza dripping with gooey cheese, an unusual pasta like the one featuring pesto and papaya, a juicy burger or would rather have something spicy, you’ll find it on the menu here.

The Top Restaurants in San Marcos and San Juan

Curry is a Restaurant Fé specialty and, for many diners, the main reason to eat here. There’s a good selection, including lentil curry, shrimp curry and butter chicken. They’re fragrant but not too spicy, so you won’t find yourself desperately grabbing for a glass of water. The naan bread is fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside and is just the thing to help you scoop up every fragrant morsel.

If you’re a committed carnivore, Fé is definitely the place to go. Unlike so many restaurants that cater mainly for vegetarians, Fé has a good choice of non-vegetarian options too. On a rainy night, find some warmth with the rich, creamy beef Stroganoff, which has customers raving. For something a little lighter and different, why not opt for one of the fresh fish dishes?

Breakfast at the Lake

Restaurant Fé not only serves lunch and dinner, but breakfast too. You can start your day with fresh fruit topped with yogurt and granola, for instance, or treat yourself to some pancakes. If you need something more substantial, try an omelet stuffed with goodness or opt for a typical Guatemalan breakfast. While you’re here, stock up on some delicious cookies to see you through until lunch or dinner time.

For many foodies, the one drawback of a great restaurant is that it’s so difficult to choose what to eat. At Fé in San Marcos, this problem is solved with a tapas bar across the street. Get some friends together, order a variety of dishes and try a bit of everything. You can cross-order from the main restaurant too. The tapas bar is open only at night, though.

The atmosphere at Restaurant Fé is slightly upscale yet relaxed and, after dark, the candles and red-painted walls make for a romantic mood. Don’t be put off if you’re on a budget, though, because prices are very reasonable.

In San Juan you get excited for a spectacular view on the lake and a very friendly service in the beautiful new restaurant with enough space for big groups of hungry visitors.

When: Seven days a week, breakfast through dinner.