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Lake Atitlan Dining and Restaurants:Cafe Atitlan in San Pedro la Laguna


Cafe Atitlan in San Pedro La Laguna has unique food and Q9 drinks!One of the top restaurants in San Pedro for years, Cafe Atitlan just gets better and better. Flowers and other touches give it a tropical feel, whether you are sitting at a covered table in the garden or a booth under the roof.

Besides good food, there’s a friendly bar with Q9 rum, gin and vodka drinks, and free Wi-Fi for customers.

Guatemalan and International Food

Several items are not found in other San Pedro restaurants, such as the Elvis Waffle, Dutch Feast and Saskatchewan Omelet. And let’s not forget the one-of-a-kind Calgary Burger! Other favorite dishes are the Mie Goreng and the Beef Medallions, cooked with red wine and balsamic soy butter.

The tasty pastas are very popular, some say even better than at the local Italian restaurants. Everyone raves about the Dutch Feast. Poutine is also served. The curry’s so good here, Cafe Atitlan is known as the Curry Capital of Lake Atitlan.

Chicken wing-lovers will go for the one-pound serving of wings. The Chicken Club Sandwich is a monster, the Schnitzel is another good choice. Vegetarians will go for the curry, either plain or with tofu or chicken or other non-meat dishes. Soups like the Chicken with vegetables are delicious and healthy. Sandwiches, quesadillas, and snacks make a great fast lunch.

Breakfast Specials

Breakfast runs the gamut, from the Elvis Waffle to the Bandito Burrito. Cafe Atitlan offers several inexpensive breakfasts for take-out. A variety of “hippie breakfasts” are cheap and good. Guests of Casa Atitlan get free breakfast off the menu every day.

The house coffee is grown in San Pedro and processed from the berries, then roasted. You can buy bags of the coffee ground or whole bean. Lattes and Capuchinos are Q12, and Q20 more for Baileys.

Winner of a Trip Advisor Certificate for Excellence in Service in 2012 and 2014, this top of the line restaurant is one of the town’s best, and the hotel, Casa Atitlan, is also highly recommended. Both the hostel and restaurant accept most major credit cards.

Where: Near main dock, over Chile's
When: 7 AM-11 PM, daily