Ventana Blue, a gourment restaurant in San Pedro la Laguna, is a favorite for Asian and Guatemalan dishes..

Lake Atitlan Restaurants: Dining at Ventana Blue in San Pedro

dining asian san pedro atitlanSpecializing in Asian and Guatemalan fare, this cozy restaurant is landmark on the San Pedro dining scene, With just five tables, there is never a long wait for your food, as is common in San Pedro restaurants.

Gourmet Asian Cuisine

Appetizers range from beef or vegetarian Thai Rolls to empanadas and San Choy Bau, or lettuce rolls with or without meat. These, like other meals, can be ordered to go.

The Pad Thai, with shrimp, chicken or Tofu, is served with a lime-peanut sauce, is one of many exotic meals served up by Santo (a gourmet chef with extensive experience at top Guatemalan hotels), and Blake, who also run Cafe la Puerta.

Other tasty Asian dishes are Teriyaki Beef Loin with Onions and Mushrooms, and Tofu with Rice and Noodles (Tofu can be substituted for meat in any dish).

Not Your Typical Tipico

The Guatemalan dishes are a notch above typical tipico, each enhanced with a unique variation and flavor. The Sofrito de Pollo a la Naranja, or stir-fried Orange-Cashew Chicken. The sauce, lightly sweet and delicately spiced, was a tasty complement to the chicken, rice and vegetables.

Locals return frequently for the Jocom, chicken and vegetables in a green herbal sauce, and the Estofado de Pollo, a chicken stew in a grilled tomato-vegetable sauce. Be sure to ask about any special entrees.

Desserts are also top-shelf, with a surprising zucchini and cranberry pie that had the texture of rum cake. Also keep an eye out for the sign announcing that cheesecake is on the menu.
Beer, wine, tea and sodas are available. But the Green Goddess is the one drink you don’t want to miss. (Happy Hours are 4-6 PM.)

With the atmosphere of a Bali temple, sitar and other Asian music playing in the background, and the sizzle and clatter and exotic aromas of the kitchen on the other side of the bamboo counter, Ventana blue possesses a charm and magic all its own—one that you’ll return to savor often.

Where: 7th Avenue between Clover and El Barrio

When: 6 PM-11 PM, Wednesday-Sunday

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