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Restaurants and Cafes in San Pedro la Laguna


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Many of the 20 restaurants and cafes in San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlan, specialize in one cuisine, but most also serve burgers, curries, quesadillas, pizza, spaghetti and salads.

People on a budget can eat breakfast for $3, dinner or lunch for $3 and up. Pizza, hamburgers, curry and spaghetti are plentiful in San Pedro la Laguna. Since 2013, imported steaks and other more expensive meals have been introduced, with dinners averaging $10 US for Angus steak.

Top of the line restaurants such as Hotel Fe, Cafe Atitlan, Hotel Mikaso and The Fifth Dimension serve distinctive meals for $4 and up. Breakfast on the lakefront is a beautiful experience at Cafe La Puerta, and The Blue Parrot Bar and Grill is highly recommended as well. See links on the right for feature reviews.